Release Notes

Not all plugins are maintained by Veertu Inc developers. You might not see them listed here.

Current Version

3.0.0 (3.0.0) - Feb 1st 2020

  • This is our first release! Features are detailed in the documentation throughout this site!

Known issues:

  • AWS EC2 Mac instances do not support DHCP and therefore bridged networking mode.
  • Screenshotting with anka view.
  • Nested Virtualization (docker inside of VM).
  • anka view does not currently work post-start unless you started the VM with -v.
  • Anka’s default VNC (normal Apple VNC works with port forwarding).
  • iCloud / App Store login.
  • Software update of the OS via System Preferences.
  • USB devices other than keyboard / pointing device – no physical device capture or camera support.
  • Dynamically reconfiguring of the display resolution.

Previous Versions